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Number of documents to sign on Bloc Solutions
Number of documents to sign on Bloc Solutions
Written by Félix Hamel
Updated over a week ago

When signing an electronic lease on Bloc Solutions, you have at least 2 documents to sign:

  • The default appendix produced by Bloc Solutions

  • The electronic lease

In some cases, the owner / manager was able to link other annexes, building regulations, etc. to the lease.

What does the fraction represent next to the document in question?

In fact, this fraction indicates the number of people who must sign the documents and the lease. When you have signed all your documents, this number will increase by 1. (1/3)

In this example, there are therefore 3 different signatories (including the owner / manager). The lease will therefore be considered valid when all people have signed it.

How do I know the number of documents to sign?

After clicking on Consult and sign documents, a new window is displayed. You can then see the list of documents to sign on the left.

In this example there are therefore 3 documents to sign. Whether you are a tenant, endorser, owner, manager, you must sign all the documents for the lease to be considered valid.

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