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Sign a lease outside of Bloc Solutions (paper lease)
Sign a lease outside of Bloc Solutions (paper lease)
Written by Félix Hamel
Updated over a week ago

How to proceed

Once you have created and generated your lease, you will be able to sign it. At this stage, you will have three options :

  1. Sign with the online signature

  2. Have the tenant sign through your platform

  3. Sign outside of Bloc Solutions

By choosing Sign outside of Bloc Solutions, the lease will be considered signed on the platform, but you will need to sign outside of Bloc Solutions once the lease has been downloaded and printed.

Here are the steps to follow :

  1. Generate the lease

  2. Click View and sign the documents

  3. Click sign this document and sign each document after the other

  4. Select the tenant’s name and yours, click Sign outside of Bloc Solutions

  5. You will need to select this option for each person on the lease, on all documents.

Once all documents are signed, the lease will be in Signed or Active mode.

You can download the lease on the platform by clicking on the blue link Download the lease.

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