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How to sign your electronic lease on Bloc Solutions
How to sign your electronic lease on Bloc Solutions
Written by Félix Hamel
Updated over a week ago

Once you have activated your account, you will then be ready to sign your electronic lease as well as the other documents.

  • Make sure you are the dashboard

  • Locate the tab with a red warning

  • click on "Signer maintenant"

You will then be directed in the documents section. On the left, you will have the list of all the documents you need to sign.

  • Make sure you click on each document in order to sign

  • Click on "Signer maintenant" for each document

  • Once you have signed all documents including the lease, you should see another tab appear (insurance tab). You can choose to fill in the form or click on "No" if it's not necessary.


  • Hold left mouse (or finger if you're on a mobile device) and apply your signature in the rectangle provided for this purpose.

  • Click on the green hook when your signature is complete.

  • Click "Confirmer" to save your signature.

  • So there you are, your documents are signed! ✍️✅

Please note that once saved, your signature will be affixed to the document and it will no longer be possible to change it.

You can review or download your documents at any time in your Bloc Solutions account.

Video tutorial:

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