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How to import a paper signed lease
Written by Félix Hamel
Updated over a week ago

Do you already have a lease signed outside of Bloc Solutions ? Would you like to add it to your account ? This article will explain how.

It is possible to import a paper signed lease from the platform. This option is free and allows you to send your renewals and communicate with your tenants through the platform.

How to import a lease ?

  1. Open the Properties section

  2. Click on the building and unit you want to import the lease into

  3. Click the Leases tab

  4. Click Create New Lease

  5. Choose Import an existing lease

It is strongly recommended to download a PDF copy of your scanned paper lease in order to have access to it at all times from your platform. Without the addition of the PDF, neither you or the tenants will have access to the lease visual on the platform.

Afterwards, you will need to link your tenants to the lease. Simply click on the contact search bar.

You can delete this link or change the contact by clicking on the 3 dots next to the contact name. This process remains the same for sureties.

You will be asked for the basic information of your lease :

  • Initial start date

  • Active end date

  • Date of first rent payment

By finalizing this lease import, lease contacts will be invited by email to sign the Bloc Solutions appendix. This appendix allows you to transmit any legal communications to them through the platform.

You have other questions? Check out our FAQ or ask us your questions by clicking on the green bubble at the bottom right.

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