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Creation of RL-31 slips now available!
Written by Félix Hamel
Updated over a week ago

Good news! It is now possible to produce all of your RL 31 slips directly on Bloc Solutions, in just a few clicks.

When to produce my RL-31 slips?

According to the requirements of Revenu Québec, the RL-31 slip must be produced by any person or partnership who owns a building and who has rented a dwelling for which rent was paid or payable on December 31.

You can file your RL-31 slips from December 1 of the selected tax year to the last day of February of the following year.

How to produce my RL-31 slips?

In each of your units with an active lease as of December 31, you will be able to generate a RL-31 slip. To do so:

  • Select the unit concerned

  • Click in the Documents section

  • Click on the New RL-31 slip button

  • A form will open


Then simply complete the following steps:

  • Select the tax year for which your RL-31 slips are required

  • Select the units for which a RL-31 slip is to be sent

  • Confirm the owner information that will be on the RL-31 slips

  • Set up your RL-31 slips mailing options

You're done!


Pro tip: It is possible to use our certified communication tool to send your RL-31 slips. This will allow you to obtain proof that you have sent the slips and that your tenants have read it.

Is this legal?

Yes! Bloc Solutions is one of the authorized software for the production and transmission of RL-31 slips. You can find this proof on the Revenu Québec website.


What does the document look like?

The RL-31 slip created from Bloc Solutions is identical to the one that can be created on the Revenu Québec website. For each dwelling, 2 documents will be available:

  • the copy for the tenant (or sub-tenant)

  • the copy intended for the owner and Revenu Québec

Is it necessary to send a copy of the RL-31 slips to Revenu Québec?

Thanks to Bloc Solutions, you don't need to worry about sending your slips to Revenu Québec, we take care of everything!

As soon as the slips are available on Bloc Solutions, they are also sent to Revenu Québec.


Can I edit a generated RL-31 slip?

Yes! It is always possible to edit an RL-31 slip if you have made an error in the informations. Once again, Bloc Solutions takes care of everything: Revenu Québec is notified of the change and the new slip replaces the previous one.

To edit a RL-31 slip, simply :

  • Select the dwelling concerned

  • Click on the Documents section

  • Click on the button of the RL-31 slip to edit

  • Edit the erroneous information(s)


Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] for any additional requests.

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